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How to name orchids

The name of the orchid is very important to communicate. Corresponding to understand that we are talking about what kind of orchid. And we can learn to understand or that such a type of orchid

To eliminate confusion in the plant names. The plant will have a valid name just to name only one accepted. And it must be the universal principles of nomenclature. (International botanical nomenclature) as a Latin There would be no change. Or is named correctly before another name. And has been published in the compound Taxonomy. That is widely accepted and so on.

Botanical name of a type of orchid. Includes leading and last name starts with uppercase letters. Space, followed by a specific type. By the name of a name to the end. Surname and the name indicates, the type must be written in italics. Or underlined

Orchids botanical name often hidden meaning of the specific nature of the orchid Or indicate a relationship with a similar type to make it easier to remember. Sometimes indicate the place or residence Name used to refer to the Thai Orchid is a common name and scientific name

The meaning of the word indicates the type of botanical names


alba – white.
gold – aureus.
bicolor – two colors.
flava – yellow
fusca – brown
nigra – black
viridis – green
violaceous – purple

About the nature of the orchid

Erecta – erect
  stans – stand
pendulous – sag
repens – wiggle
scandens – climbing.
  prostrate – fry wiggle

About the size, shape or appearance

Firma – hard
gigantea – large.
nana – dwarf
punctatus – points, or gland.
floribunda – flower abundantly
lanceolata – spear shape leaves

spinosa – barbed
obovatum – oval shave leaves

About the odor

Aromaticus – fragrant
fragrans – fragrant
suaveolens – fragrant
foetida – stink

About conditions on the orchid
aquatica – water
amphibious – amphibians
arvensis – field
arenicola – sand
About the application
edulcis – edible
esculentus – edible
hortensis – grown as ornamentals
sativus – cultivated for food
venenatus – poisoning

The place name. Often ending in-ensis, – (a) nus, inus or-icus.
indica – India
thailandicus – Thailand
siamensis – Thailand
japonica – Japanese